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Author Guideline

The guidelines for submission of the article/research papers are mentioned as under:

1. Special Instruction: Paper sent for evaluation and publication should be in ONE FILE containing Cover Page (page 1), Abstract (page 2), and Manuscript (page 3 onwards). The author(s) name must not be mentioned anywhere else except cover page of the research paper/article. Cover page should mention title of the research paper/article, the author(s) full name, e-mail id, name of the institute/organization/university; contact details i.e. mobile/landline numbers, in 11-point Times New Roman. These details should be centered below the title.

2. Abstract: Abstract should be in fully justified. It must not exceed 250 words. The abstract should elaborate research background and methodology. The major finding(s) and conclusion must be presented in brief. Abbreviations must be mentioned in full. Background, Aims, Methodology, Results, and Conclusion are essential elements of the abstract. Maximum 4-6 keywords, listed alphabetically, separated by commas, and full stop at the end.

3. Manuscript:

a) Artical Should be in typed in 12 point - Times New Romen Font English With a Single Space And Single Column with 1 Margin on a Standard A4 size Paper. The Page numbers should at center of every page. All headings must be bold - faced, aligned left and fully capitalised.

b) The sub-heading must be bold typed, fully capitalized and left aligned. The text matter must be in a 12 point-Times New Roman Font and single spaced.

c) Figures and tables should be centered, separately numbered, self explained. Please note that table titles must be above the table and Sources of data should be mentioned below the table. The authors should ensure that tables and figures are referred to from the main text.

d) The authors should list all references alphabetically. It must be single spaced, and at the end of the research paper.

4. Acknowledgement:

May be included if author wants to acknowledge to the funding organization, university, or to a scientist.

5. List of References:



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Conference Papers


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